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Easily turn HTML data from an HTML string or URL into a PDF file on iOS.

Sparked by my popular post about turning UIWebView content into a PDF document, I built a class that did just that but only better than my original solution.

In use by:


Node.js app to control my garage doors on a Raspberry Pi.

This is the Node.js backend that is running on my Raspberry in my garage that allows us to open and close our garage doors over the network and mainly from our iPhones. Originally started as a project after our normal remotes stopped working due to RF interference.

Contains a simple front-end web interface, as well as a back-end API.


iOS App to open and close my garage doors.

This is the iOS app that is running on our iPhones that allows us to open and close our garage doors.


MLB Scoreboard downloader for Mac / iOS.


Conversion of the Lahman Baseball Database to PostgreSQL.


Markdown preview app for Mac OS X.


Android Pixel Density Calculator. Inspired by Teehan+Lax that supports xxhdpi and xxxhdpi.


Bordered view for iOS with support for inset borders. BNBorderedView allows for the creation of custom size and color borders and insets on your UIView. Much in the same way you would be able to define borders on an div with CSS. With BNBorderedView you can define each border to have differing properties.


Bouncer is a jQuery plugin that acts as an enforcer on your text inputs. With bouncer you can control which characters gets in and which don't, as well set the max capacity.