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Switching to Jekyll

Posted on August 15, 2012

After over 5 years of running Wordpress for my blog I’ve decided to hang it up. Wordpress is nothing short of great, but it is overkill for what I need. If you look at my archives it’s not like I have written to the lengths of a novel. It’s taxing to run a database for that. Using Wordpress for client’s sites has been great and offered an easy way for them to be able to change information themselves, and I will probably continue to use it in that regard. So long and farewall my good friend. Welcome to my new friend, Jekyll.

Hopefully this will finally push me to start writing again. I have a few posts that I’d love to write.


I am a software developer living in Shreveport, LA with my wife, daughter, and 2 dogs. Most of my time is spent developing for the web using Rails, on mobile for iOS, and sometimes for the Mac. When I'm not programming I follow the Texas Rangers through the ups and downs of all 162 games.

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